Refund and Returns Policy


We do not do returns. If you really doubt we make the best identical to real IDs bought anywhere just do not order.

Since Bogusbraxtor has been making fake id cards we have only been asked by a customer 2 times to do a return. We believe these were ignorant attempts by law enforcement done back to back actually thinking we would disclose our physical address.


Bogusbraxtor makes fake ids customized with a customer’s details. We do not offer refunds as our fakes are not subpar quality that have lead to customers making a refund request.

We do stand by our quality. While rare, if your fake id has any defect/flaw you have 90 days from the date received to request a free remake by contacting us. Do not discard your fake id as we will need to see images of the flaw.

We will not remake for free when the flaw is the same data information you entered on the order form. We will however remake for a small fee in the event this happens.