Every fake id comes with a free duplicate and you can order any fake ids we make for the prices below.


1 fake id = $100

2 fake ids 30% off = $140

3-4 fake ids 40% off = 3 $180 or 4 $240

5 or more fake ids 50% off = $50 per fake id!

Shipping is free or optionally add $25 to your order total for express handling – Read the FAQ below for details “How long until I receive my order?”

We currently accept Bitcoin and Target or Walmart store Gift Cards (NO gift credit cards/Visa)

You can also pay online with credit card or Paypal in just a few minutes by buying an instant online Razer Gold PIN. Read the “Razer Card” FAQ below.


You can now buy bitcoin via an APP with a debit card or cash in literally minutes. See our Bitcoin App How To on this FAQs page for step by step details.

You can also buy bitcoin at any coinstar kiosk located in thousands of grocery stores.

To pay by gift cards from Target or Walmart is very simple. Purchase set amount cards or a card where you can load a specific amount depending on your fake id order total.

You can buy the gift cards (not prepaid credit cards) online at Walmart or Target, or at many online gift card sellers.

Enter your gift card number(s) as directed on the order form and complete your fake id order.

To pay by Razer Gold Card Code you can pay with your credit card or PayPal and instantly receive the codes to total your fake id order from any of the websites below. Once you have your code(s) proceed to place your order with bogusbraxtor.





Very easy… In short you download the app then use their locator to find a nearby ATM or a 711 (just one of tons of locations) to pay by cash or debit card.

Takes just a couple of minutes!!! Faster than Western Union with no paperwork!

Before downloading the app ensure you have a bitcoin wallet. There are numerous free apps that offer a secure bitcoin account wallet and thus giving you a Bitcoin address number.

The following guide will give you step by step instructions to fund your Bitcoin account in minutes via the LibertyX app.

1. Download the LibertyX app from the app store:

2. Open the LibertyX app installed now on your phone:

3. Once you are in the LibertyX app you will see this screen:

4. Navigate to the three lines located at the top right corner. Click this area and you will go to the following screen:

5. Click the “Sign in” link and then proceed to create a new account:

6. Setting up a new account you will provide your phone number and password:

7. After setting up your account you can search for the closest location by clicking the “Find Locations” tab as pictured in step 4:

8. Search for numerous nearby locations by address, city, or zip code:

9. Navigate to the link “Buy Bitcoin” previously shown in Step 4, click on it to bring you to this screen, and enter your bitcoin address:

10. Depending the amount of Bitcoin you need you can verify your email to raise the spending limit.

11. Go buy Bitcoin at your chosen location.

For cash or debit cashier locations, give the cashier your LibertyX code (code generated in-app after you select the store location) and make a cash or debit card payment.

For standalone kiosk locations, enter the purchase amount desired in-app and scan the QR code on the debit terminal screen. Then insert your debit card and PIN to complete the transaction.

For ATM locations, select the LibertyX button on the ATM screen. Then enter your LibertyX code and purchase amount. Finally, insert your debit card (credit cards NOT ACCEPTED) and enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

12. Proceed to purchase your fake ids and pay with bitcoin at checkout.

Find the fake id you want.

Supply the information for your fake id.

Upload your image and optional signature. When you do not supply a signature we will make a decent matching one for the cardholder name.

Any issue uploading your image files just submit without. Next, reply to the confirmation email sent after placing your order by attaching the image files. When a group be specific which files are for which order.

Click “Add to cart”.

To order a second fake id or more of the same kind ensure you enter the information then click “Add to cart” each time and not by adjusting the quantity. Adjusting the quantity would give you duplicates and not allow to customize each order for say when ordering in a group.

You can see in the cart your supplied information for each fake id ordered to verify correctness. Any error you can delete the fake id and reorder.

When you checkout you pay instantly with Bitcoin or Gift card.

You will be auto emailed status updates.

Order progress terms:

Processing – Your order is being processed and made.

Completed – Means your order is finished. Next, order is to be shipped out from our facility.

Tracking – Your orders tracking information.

Terms that require your attention:

On Hold – Something other than payment has manually paused your order. Check your order messages as we will have contacted you.

Cancelled – You cancelled or did not make payment.

Yes, they do. We correctly encode mag stripes and print formatted barcodes to reflect the information printed on the fake id. Our fake ids will scan on any scanner capable of reading a real issued id and 100% pass.

Yes. The UV designs on our fake ids are identical to real issued.

For the US, UK, CA, and AU your order will be shipped to a remailer who will then mail in a express envelope to you from within your country. All other countries we ship direct from China.

You can log into “My Account” and check your order progress (we do updates daily) at any time.

Every fake id Bogusbraxtor makes is of impeccable quality. Our fake ids will pass even the best trained security.

There is an option when you log into “My Account” to edit your shipping address.

We will fix red eye, change the background, and possible hair touch ups when needed.

We replicate all security features of a real issued license. Such as ultra violet (UV), optical variable ink (OVI), multispec holograms, laser carbon raised text, perforated designs, and scannable. Ask anyone who has a Bogusbraxtor fake id and they will say it works everywhere like real because it does!

Our printing is automated as such we do not change anything. What will be printed and correctly encoded on your card will be exactly what you supply. Be careful and thorough on the order form to ensure your data is exactly what you want. If you supplied data in error and must have it remade to use please contact us. We can do a onetime remake for a small charge.

Orders take 2-3 weeks from the date ordered to be delivered. We do offer an express option for an extra fee of $25.00 to your order total for those who need their order as fast as possible. This does not mean we ship your order faster, but that we make it faster. Similar to the fast pass at an amusement park.

Please do not ask if we can guarantee date certain delivery as we can not. We ship orders in bulk to our remailers with a host of stealth and safety precautions. We can not deviate from how we do this for any customer’s shipment.

You can log into “My Account” and check your order progress (we do updates daily) at any time.

Look at the guide below of images on what to and what not to take for your fake id cardholder image.

  • Use a plain light colored background with no patterns, textures, or objects behind you
  • No shadows on your face nor behind you
  • Office light is the best as if you were in a DMV
  • Stand about one and a half feet in front of your background as this helps stopping shadows from appearing
  • The person taking the photo should stand 5 feet in front of you
  • Look straight into the camera including your upper chest and shoulders in the photo
  • Use a normal facial expression with mouth closed and not smiling
  • Eyes fully visible with hair away from your face and eyes as much as possible
  • For glasses remove them when possible
  • When wearing glasses your eyes must be visible without any glare or reflections
  • No sunglasses or tinted glasses
  • No head wear unless it is religious or medical reasons
  • Do not crop your photo as we will do it for you